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It all started when...

Our host, Lenny Mosco had a big idea. Being a huge fan of many of the Voice Over artists in the industry, Lenny decided to develop a Talk Show format web-series where he, and Co Host Xavier Gonzalez, could feature both light-hearted and in-depth and interviews with some of the world’s, top VO Artists from Animation, Motion Pictures, and Gaming. - Naturally, chaos, mischief, and tons of laughs ensued.

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Meet the friends of the Voice Over Show and find out who's coming on next!


EP .01 | Dennis Johnson

We’re proud to announce our very first guest will be Voice Over talent Dennis Johnson!

Dennis is the creator and voice actor behind the voices of Gangplank, Taric, and Heimerdinger from the epic and massively popular multiplayer online battle arena video game League of Legends developed and published by Riot Games!




Kellen is the hilariously creepy voice of Funtime Freddie in Scott Games Five Nights At Freddy's: Sister Location. We're so happy to announce that he's going to be one of our first guests on The Voice Over Show! In addition to his work on FNAF, Kellen's voice can be heard on over 400 different video games and animated productions.- Stay Tuned!



SPECIAL GUEST | Greg Snegoff

Anime legend, Greg Snegoff is the writer, director, and voice of characters Scott Bernard and Lord Kyron in the classic 80's sci-fi anime series Robotech! Our interview with Greg is currently in post production and will be live soon!- Stay tuned!

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We're delighted to announce our next guest will be the legendary Bill Farmer! He's the voice of Disney's Goofy AND Pluto! We'll be having him on The Voice Over Show for our official 3rd FULL-LENGTH episode! Stay tuned and say it with us... HYUCK!


Our Hosts!

Our fearless leaders and hosts of The Voice Over Show, Lenny & Xavier are not only hosts, but they're great friends who are passionate about everything nerd, entertainment and Voice Over!

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From an early age, Lenny had a great love for film, television, and animation. As a child, he and his father would often head to the theater to check out the latest blockbuster movies and cartoons and being big Disney fans, Lenny, and his family would also take trips to Disney World in Florida. This is where a lot of his inspiration came from creatively. As a young man, Lenny spent time on film sets helping his father with their small New Jersey-based Film Company. Being an avid Anime, Animation, Movie and Gaming fan, Lenny was naturally inspired to create and co-produce The Voice Over Show. Lenny, who is the Co-Owner of 10th Voyage Studios in Palm Coast, Florida. 


Xavier was born in Miami, Florida and is the youngest of three brothers. Coming from a music and entertainment background, Xavier began producing music at the age of sixteen, eventually landing representation from a Southern branch of Universal. Xavier sings, plays keyboard and is a huge fan of Voice Over, Animation, Movies, Super Heroes, (Boasting to be “The Worlds Biggest Spiderman Fan”). His animated, over the top and fun personality, makes him a natural for The Voice Over Show”, says show Producer, Patrick Appolonia. “Watching him interact with the show’s host Lenny, you immediately notice the natural synergy that exists within both of them”, says Appolonia.

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